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They can soon grow bored of things and always seem to be on the lookout for something new to focus their leisure time on. If a Leo Monkey feels they are being kept in the dark about something and left out they can get very annoyed and upset. They have a tendency to greatly dislike being excluded from anything. These individual's main weakness is that they are naturally nosy. They cannot help investigating, and their immense nosiness can frequently be misconstrued as interfering.

These Leos often get less inquisitorial as they get older. Comments: Leo Monkey Personality. Tenshi Let's all be friends! I feel like we could be the best of friends with this personality. Cris k This person has been stalking all of us, holy crap. August 8, I totally agree on this one guys. I love making jokes on the daily. I love people. I have a ton of interests ane hobbies because I enjoy learning. I've thought of becoming a counsellor because I'm more cool headed than most Leos I've met.

I feel I can be very understanding which could also be a bad thing at times. I can be nosy and I don't know how to stop it, so yes, that is my biggest weakness, but I would never show that I am a nosy person because I dispise gossip. I'm always looking out for others. If I gossip, I'll lose friends which I'll hate.

I am nosy in other ways as well, but it's always to learn and pass on good things to others. I'm not bossy, but I am suggestive in a cool way. People describe me as a happy go lucky person. Christy You are describing me exactly, story of my life xD born 9 august but born 1 day late ;. Lauren I'm pretty funny and I'm not really that social but I do hate being left out. Eyeness Leo monkey ooh ooh ah rawer! Marian nguyen I'm an Aries Rat. Does this mean I'm compatible with Leo monkeys?

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Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. You can turn out mountains of work where others accomplish little. The Chinese claim that hard work is the Dog's salvation; your labors keep you busy and divert you from constant worrying. The loss of or rejection by a loved one can terminally upset your composure. More than any other sign, yours requires heavy daily doses of tenderness, kindness, gentleness and love. You do not like to make promises you cannot keep, so you are loath to surrender to love in the first place. You are afraid to commit to marriage or even to being a couple because you don't feel capable of assuming responsibility for someone else's feelings.

You are, in fact, always hesitant about taking on moral duties that you fear you might not be up to performing. When you do give in to the temptation to love and be loved, you are an angel. You become sensitive and ultra-vulnerable, affectionate and cozy. Although you may camouflage your feelings behind a ruggedly individualistic stance from which you jokingly protest that you don't want to be "happily married", the reason you resist settling down and raising a large family is that you fear both loss and rejection.

If and when this fear becomes a reality, you go a little crazy. You enter a relationship where you are the giver and your partner is the taker. The couple muddles along, you giving your all and the other feeling guilty at not being able to measure up to your sense of integrity, your honesty, endurance, and belief in your future together.

If one day, the signficant other has an affair or falls gravely ill, you may very well have a nervous breakdown. You cannot help but feel that what happened is your fault. You feel you have failed. But for you, the spell has been broken. An affair has been had or an illness threatened you with the loss of your mate. You are crushed and saddened and will not forget for a long, long time. You might be able to forgive, but you will always fear the idea of insincerity or possible loss. Your love life must be clear-cut. Standards high. People should not become gravely ill or cheat on you as then they seem to be leaving you.

You're a Dog. And when their favorite person tries to leave them, Dogs become depressed, sulky and even sick. You, on the other hand. But for you, it's not the same. You feel like the victim when you are unfaithful.

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  8. You have fallen into a trap laid by someone less scupulous than you. Not your fault? Remains to be seen. Probably your cutest and yet most infuriating trait is your talent for putting your foot in it. The average Dog is that person who blurts out whatever comes onto his or her tongue.

    That's the way you talk. Sensitive and touchy you may be, but you aren't able to edit your own words before you say them. Dogs are famous for verbal blunders. They mean no harm. But they sometimes blurt and hurt in the same breath. Dogs are physically lucky.

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    You tend not to be ill very often and rarely suffer from the severely debilitating chronic diseases of youth such as asthma or sinus disorders, diabetes, epilepsy or migraine. And although you are apt to appear older than you are by the age of forty, you act youthful longer, have more pep than your middle-aged peers. You are likely to become more physically active as you age. Later in life, Arthritis is a likely possibility. You will no doubt have rheumatism in some form and may indeed suffer all your adult life from varying degrees of joint pain and its accompanying weaknesses.

    Your back sometimes locks when you bend over, your knees buckle and send you flying, your ankles are always being sprained and then swelling when it's damp outside. The remedy for this unfortunate chronic condition is, of course, regular physical exercise performed under the supervision of professionals. You are best advised to visit a chiropractor or osteopath, have deep massages, see acupuncturists and follow the prescriptions of a homeopathic doctor. Chemical medicines and non-natural products upset your fragile system and should be resorted to only in extreme cases where naturopathic organic remedies have failed.

    Of course, being as anti-social as you are, you don't take kindly to the necessity of consulting doctors or going for regular dental check-ups. You resist having tests or submitting to scientific examinations because you have so little respect for the concept of science tinkering with nature, and also because you are so fearful and apprehensive about almost everything.

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    You are sure the practitioner will diagnose some calamitous malady. Either way, I would rather try to teach an Ox to fly than be assigned to get you to go to the doctor, join a gym or take up some simple, healthy, organized sport. Deep down, you firmly believe that Mother Nature will take care of you. You usually thrive when allowed to follow your natural rhythms. Imposing any artificial schedules or sketchy, anarchic meal plans will upset your equilibrium and may establish negative patterns and undermine your sound metabolic structure. You are of a compact, hardy nature with tremendous power of endurance.

    All of this constitutes a natural resistance to harmful environmental influences. Although you may appear rigid and even stiff, when put to the test you are remarkably adaptable. You can psych your spirit and body into "going with the flow" of almost any circumstance. The Chinese say that the Dog's endurance increases with age.

    Because of your arthritis, you may not be a very comfortable old person, but you are determined. You are unlikely and unwilling to die young. You have some skin problems. Your nervous tension is so often concealed that it emerges on the surface of the skin. Itching psoriasis, and hives will likely affect you at some point.

    Your skin is usually dry, chafes or chaps easily, and needs to be pampered. Even though you claim not to be able to live a single day without taking your ritual shower, vigorous scrubbing with soaps and shampoos is definitely counter-productive. Gentle organic creams and lotion are better for you. Drastic allopathic remedies such as cortisone should be avoided because the long-term side effects can be worse than the dermatitis discomfort itself.

    Conditions such as hypotension and arteriosclerosis may cause trouble late in life. The Dog is never really active enough: you tend to prostration when depressed or melancholy, even when you are merely thinking something through. Dogs must be extremely vigilant about the state of blood and lymph circulation. You should have your immune system tested often and watch for the onset of the chronic diseases of old age.

    Beware also of the possible early onset of gout. Watch out for stomach disorders, gall bladder or pancreatic ailments. You don't have a strong digestion. Although you claim to like everything and will gobble almost any food with gusto, you cannot digest rich, greasy food. Like the rest of us, you would be better off without too much fatty meat in your diet.

    What you need is calcium and lots of vitamins, grains, legumes, and vegetables. Fish and chicken are fine, too. But for good assimilation, meat should be eaten only twice a week. You don't know how to handle illness. As you ordinarily push ahead, ignoring warnings and refusing to see doctors until symptoms have become emergencies, you are often surprised and angry when, one day, you can no longer lift your head off the pillow. Being a stoic, however, you are a good patient. You don't complain a lot and readily learn to accept the discomfort of illness philosophically and with good humor.

    Your path to lifetime good health is remarkably straightforward. You must drink enormous quantities of liquid, avoid alcohol and drugs, eat natural foods, rise with the sun and sleep at dusk. You only suffer serious illness and depression when you repeatedly break the simple laws laid down by your ruler, the earth.

    Regular sexual activity is essential to your welfare. Nothing is more conducive to chronic joint pain and subsequent seizing up than preventing the flow of natural juices. Of all people, you need regular aerobic movement. You should walk or run, dance or ski, skip, swim or do something vigorous steadily for thirty minutes each day to raise the heartbeat and keep it there till the blood is oxygenated and the energy level has risen.

    Remember, you can get rusty. Hard work and movement are your friends. Sometimes you don't realize this and have to be prodded into action. Dog women must be extra careful not to allow osteoporosis to destroy their bones. Luckily, you tend to be more physically energetic than Dog men but being self-abnegating, you need encouragement to take care of yourself. You generally accept guidance and encouragement from others regarding your exercise program. Activity also helps keep you from sinking into the quicksand of your own anxiety.

    One of the most dangerous enemies of your good health is the permanently fluttering banner of panic that lives inside your head. You cannot forget certain painful childhood moments. You cannot put apprehension aside in favor of hope and anticipation. You are constantly on the alert, worried and fearful of dire consequences.

    Inside your furry head live hundreds of misgivings which pester and fester till you begin to fret: What if this happens? Then that might happen. And if that happens? Then what? A litany of fears ensues, plunging you into a cesspool of anxiety. You are not totally paralyzed by your fears and doubts. You are brave and courageous. But, because of your desire to carry through no matter what, you will often push on through a task or project in an advanced state of private agitation which can and will eventually make you ill.

    Need I add that you are often hounded by insomnia? You need utter quiet to sleep well and probably ought not to live in the clangorous city. Dog with Rat. This is a potentially happy marriage. Providing the cards are played fairly, you and the Rat can be more than satisfied in each other's company. But be prepared for long, heated discussions sorting out political, social and financial differences of opinion. The materialistic Rat can find it difficult to reason with your generosity. You often give money away to the poor, sometimes forgetting to save enough for the rent. You can't resist the opportunity to help the needy.

    Your stability depends on being seen as the philanthropic good guy. Rat does not agree. He's the hoarder, ravaged by anxiety about savings, unable to understand your puppy-faced, desperate need to give it all away. Disagreements abound. Because both of you feel deeply passionate about each other, true harmony is possible.

    Suzanne White's Chinese Astrology Horoscopes for the Year of the Pig

    Your love is unconditional, offering a gentle cradle for the Rat's frenetic soul. The happiness you find together in and out of bed will be enhanced by the arrival of scads of kids and pets whom you will nurture and raise together as a team. Dog with Ox. Don't expect to bay at the moon out of blind love for an Ox mate. You have polarized goals.

    Your job, saving the world, is bound to take priority. And the Ox? He or she will be going to bat for a major corporation, grossing 50 per cent of the winnings. You two are so different in your philosophies that battles may ensue. Despite a gentle, loving nature, you know that this is a Dog-eat-Dog world, yet believe only in justice and equality.

    You want no part of the Ox's haughty domineering. You prefer to answer only to the call of the wounded. The Ox believes that charity begins at home and will beg you to leave the world's problems behind. Both of you might be devout moralizers. But you don't see eye to eye: you argue about starving children in India, trying to sway the Ox to contribute to the noble cause; the Ox fights for justice at home, complaining that the money used to create a shelter for the homeless last month was really meant to pay for the children's private school.

    Sex between you can be fun! This is the only place where an Ox's roll over command has clout. You are tickled by the Ox's relentlessness and brutally frank style in bed, and admire it. This is just an okay marriage. Sexual fireworks and undying passion will not be the things that hold you two very different people together. Dog with Tiger. Harmony incarnate. You and the Tiger just plain get along. You have common causes and common philosophies. Yet you are very different.

    The Tiger is overly optimistic, you are pessimistic. Each helps the other to understand these basic character differences. The Chinese call this pairing a happy alliance of muscle and heart. The Tiger has the strength to put your ideals across to the public. You keep watch and prevent the Tiger from leaping into the wrong frays. You are, simply, a great couple. Harmony reigns right from the start. And because you and the Tiger respect each other's deepest convictions, mutual admiration sticks you together like super glue. In bed, the Tiger usually takes the lead, which is felicitous for you because you often need to be thawed out before engaging in any heavy intimacy.

    With time, you two learn to blend eroticism with affection to achieve physical fulfillment. It is rare that such a marriage ends in divorce. Dog with Cat. Although sexual intimacy is not the most salient point of contact here, companionship is. Everybody knows how important companionship is to you, the Dog. This couple's marriage is based on profound mutual affection and respect for each other's opinions and aesthetic choices. You both are critical and easily discouraged by the realities of everyday life and its various injustices. Shared cynicism is your consolation for putting up with an imperfect world.

    Both parties are dutiful and unafraid of working hard. Money should not be an issue.

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    Mutual participation in professional and paraprofessional projects will lend strength to your union. Your spontaneous expressions of slavering affection might get on the Cat's taut nerves. Dog with Dragon. According to Chinese astrologers, few relationships are less likely to withstand the test of time. Bickering and barking prevail. However, should your western astrology signs be supremely compatible, the sex might just be torrid and keep you clinging to each other for a lifetime.

    You and the Dragon are both full of enthusiasm, energy and vigor. But your styles are so different as to make you near enemies. You hate making a fuss over nothing. Dragons intentionally create daily scenes complete with flames, smoke and noise. Dragons deem your moralizing and pessimism to be downright boring. Dragons live primarily for themselves. You live for others. The Dragon will wish you were a more obedient mate. But you are a freethinking animal and will never buckle under to oppression. While the Dragon boasts of successes, you gloat over his or her resounding failures.

    This is not a naturally terrific marriage. But it can work - so long a there is good sex and a definite goal for each party to reach in his or her own way. Dog with Snake. This partnership is lopsided. We are dealing with two disparate types of people. You are pessimistic, given to depression and worry. Snakes are naturally relaxed, less anxious, and certainly less sarcastic. Sometimes you even mistrust a pet Snake's charm and will whine and snap about it, criticizing the Snake for both frivolity and an easygoing nature.

    But basic personality differences do not have to destroy relationships. You hate society, have few friends, and stay at home a lot. Snakes are just the opposite, yet need a home to go back to after their numerous forays into the big world. Returning to a cozy Dog-style home after imbibing a faceful of society's cupidity can be refreshing for the sociable Snake. Even though you snarl and threaten, you always forgive, are loyal to a fault, and never waver in your devotion to your loved ones.

    Both parties are sensitive to causes, feel strongly about combating injustice, and believe in right over might. This similarity of purpose can serve to harmonize your relationship and round out some potential hard edges. Trouble is, your sexual needs are very different. You are physically conventional and direct, while the Snake is highly adventurous in bed and enjoys intricate sexual play. The two of you may not clash over this issue, but the Snake may eventually get bored, resume a natural bent for flirting, and irrevocably damage your tender-hearted soul.

    Dog with Horse. If the two of you hire a nanny, a housekeeper, a laundress, and a cook, you can establish a very sound love relationship. Both of you are effective, active, project-oriented people. Neither is enchanted by a career as a house drudge or nose-wiper, staying at home waiting for the other to appear. The Horse is characteristically profligate with money.

    Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 12222, 2020

    He or she gambles away ressources and takes chances others would not. This risky trait fills your anxious heart with fear. The Horse hates to be reminded of profligacy but you cannot keep quiet for long. Many a dispute will ensue. As harmony reigns in your bedroom, the two of you usually end up being friends after vibrant lovemaking sessions wherein each lavishes pleasure on the other.

    You are giving and the Horse is loving. It's a good sexual match. The lovemaking should be great, but what will ultimately hold this pair together is a deep respect for each other's integrity. You are mutually honorable people with a refined sense of sociability. Time will round off whatever sharp angles the two of you encounter.

    A durable, solid relationship is assured. Dog with Goat. Not much love is lost between the two of you. You are all moral standard and high-mindedness, while the Goat's ideals often begin and end with where the next meal is coming from. Goats are on the side of the person carrying the wallet. You deplore pandering, but Goats know no other way of life. Unless you decide to shoulder the burden of changing a poor misunderstood Goat whom you believe to be a hidden genius , you will be two very different people going in opposite directions.

    You like things to be clear, just and fair. The Goat doesn't even know what those terms mean. Goats are dreamers whose ephemeral plans often go up in smoke. You dream too, but your dreams are anchored in concrete and seek real solutions to real problems. Goats, of course, love sex and favor open relationships wherein they have full freedom. You wouldn't think of being disloyal.

    You may stray, but only for a minute or two. To you, devotion and loyalty come first. To the Goat, blind devotion and loyalty are for fools who don't know which side of their bread is buttered. It would be too optimistic to expect harmony from this essentially unbalanced romantic equation. Dog with Monkey. You are a blazing idealist. The Monkey lives for the opportune moment.

    You may well meet up and fall in love when engaged in a social struggle together. Each possesses qualities lacking in the other. Although this might make you seem perfectly matched, it takes more than dovetailing qualities to make two such impervious individualists communicate. Each of you is so accustomed to living on your own wavelength that you have real trouble shifting gears to make yourselves understood to someone on another plane. The remedy is talk. The two of you must sit and discuss for hours, days and months before you reach an understanding.

    You have to give up blurting nasty remarks, and the Monkey must accept being tethered at least part of the time. Although you can be guilty of it, you don't take kindly to philandering. But the Monkey like sexual freedom. The Monkey seems carefree and you are laughably frustrated. Being of basic good intention, if you wish to stay together, the two of you can work out a harmonious sex life together.

    This relationship's harmony is possible but will not be won without effort. Dog with Rooster. Incompatibility reigns supreme in this couple. You and the Rooster are equally flinty and raw-nerved. You are forever blurting criticism and bruising the egos of those around you. Roosters are cocky but deeply unsure of themselves. One yelp from you can depress the Rooster for days. Do the two of you fight? You never stop backbiting, carping, and bickering over details.

    You don't agree on anything. You are classically left wing, kindly and trustworthy. The Rooster is a born conservative. Your home life together is a constant push-me pull-you of unrest. You think mismatched dishes will do nicely. The Rooster wants designer china and crystal glasses on an heirloom table. The Rooster demands more and more varied sex than you have to give. Roosters need to puff up their egos and preen their feathers. You couldn't care less what the Rooster looks like in bed. You feel sex rather than performing it.

    Besides, you are slightly conservative. You don't believe one should overindulge in pleasure.